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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 3, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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live from washington's reagan national airport. this deadlock is in its 12th day and we see the transportation secretary stepping up at least the rhetoric on congress. >> reporter: the consequences, number one, we first should say there's no threat or danger to the flying public. air traffic controllers are on the job. airport security people are on the job. they are not part of those 4,000 layoffs of faa employees who, by the way, haven't been getting paychecks since july 23rd. now the 70,000 construction workers involved in the shutdown by the faa of some 240 airport construction projects around the country valued at about $11 billion so there's a huge hit here for the overall economy. also, there's the issue of in essence $200 million a week in airline ticket tax revenue that the government is not getting. do the math. if congress is out for five weeks before they deal with this, that's over $1 billion in
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government revenue. what are the airlines doing with the money? well, the policies vary from airlines to airlines. some have talked about putting in refund policies of one kind or another. some are actually perhaps lowering fares to create more demand, yet at the same time it is a revenue windfall for the airlines themselves, but as you mentioned, the transportation secretary urging congress to come back, pass a clean short-term funding measure, if you will, so these people can come back to work and, again, you get the full benefits of the faa and those construction projects and jobs around the country. by the way, some of those construction layoffs could show up as early as tomorrow when we get the weekly jobless claim figures going forward. >> jay carney was asked about this in the daily briefing. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> it is not acceptable for congress to simply say it's not my business to take care of my
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business. you know, this is a process that congress has done in the past, should do, and because of decisions they have made there's 74,000 people out of work. >> all right. that's the latest at least from the white house on this. hampton, thanks so much for the live report from reagan national airport. we'll see what happens next. thank you. "newsnation" is watching another volatile wall street where the markets finally turned positive for a second at least in the afternoon. right now you see the dow is up very slightly. down only a few minutes ago right before we started the show after plunging 265 points yesterday, despite president obama signing that much talked about debt deal into law. joining me now is zachary carabel president of river twice research and contributor to "the daily beast." a lot of concern even though the dow has closed down for the past eight sessions, it was yesterday and today that a lot of people took note. >> and it was, as you said, down a percent. it's been a pretty sharp turnaround this afternoon. i think the larger picture is we all thought the debt deal will be a big sigh of relief, and in
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fact i think what it was was a big distraction from a lot of other things going on globally disturbing people, one is a lot of credit problems in europe, berlusconi speaking earlier and others for the u.s. economy with problems going forward. >> you've heard discussions of what could happen in these scenarios, not a lot of talk of what we're seeing which is two days of the dow being down. >> in this particular case you've got a strong corporate earnings environment, apple doing well, parent of nbc, comcast. >> and a lot of others doing poorly, caterpillar. >> but all of these companies are making a lot of money relative to a lot of national economies which aren't doing very well. the real issue is this continual issue of what's going on in europe. every time there's been a problem in europe, concerns about the future of the eu and the european union, there has been a real selloff in equities. we saw in june, saw this in may and we're seeing it now. a lot of ways this brings into
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motion the fact that we had a very political american debate about our debt ceiling. we live in a very global economy where frankly they don't really care about our debt ceiling, but everyone cares about this global system of finance which is very easily disrupted. >> all right. zachary, thanks very much for coming on. we'll see what happens as the day flushes out and now to the white house where the press secretary has announced a new focus on jobs. president obama will swing through several mid-western states beginning or between august 15th and 17th and that he's looking forward to getting out and talking to americans about growing this economy. nbc's kristen welker joins me live from the white house. so this is the beginning of the shift from talking about debt ceiling and that debate to really what everybody wants to know where are the jobs and what is this administration going to do? >> reporter: that's absolutely right, tamron, and you might want to know that the president will also be swinging through some battleground states so that
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will be interesting. white house officials say the purpose of this trip is for the president to talk about jobs. you'll likely hear him reiterate some familiar themes he's been talking about for this week and the past several months including on calling on congress to extend the payroll tax, to sign off on new trade' agreements and also to invest in infrastructure. now, this news comes, tamron, as we're learning from the labor department that unemployment increased during june in 90% of u.s. cities so jobs, jobs, jobs, still the main thing on most people's minds. tamron? >> all right, kristen. the president also attending this fund-raiser starting tonight. he turns 50 on thursday. you've got some republicans criticizing the administration saying that he should not be having i guess the fund-raising in wake of the jobs situation. what is -- are they even acknowledging this at this point? >> reporter: they are. republicans are saying that it's bad optics. the white house is saying that's not the case. the president can do some fund-raising and also focus on jobs and the economy, but just
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to give you a sense of what tonight is going to look like. the president will attend a big gala. it's going to be a star-studded birthday fund-raiser. herbie hancock is supposed to be there as well as jennifer hudson. tickets for that about $50 and then he'll attend a vip dinner. tickets for that about $35,000. >> wow. >> reporter: now just to note, tamron, the president hasn't had a fund-raising event. he's had to cancel about ten of them due to this debt ceiling debate. hasn't had one actually since july when he went to philadelphia but the republicans criticizing him. rnc chairman, want to show you a graphic of something he said in criticism of the president. he said after failing to lead during the debt ceiling debate i think you can say the fund-raiser in chief is back in chicago doing the one thing that he's really good at and that's raising money to save his job. now, again, white house officials pushing back against this type of criticism. one thing is certain though, tomorrow r tamron as we inch closer to
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labor day and beyond, campaign season is certainly going to start to heat up again. >> kristen welker, live for us at the white house, thanks. >> reporter: thanks. >> i don't have to tell you, it's true. much of the country is dealing with record heat today with temperatures as high as 115 degrees, and get it, 18 separate states. the heat in texas has been especially brutal. people have endured 32 days of 100-degree weather and from the map you can see the heat wave stretches from arizona to virginia. meteorologist carl parker joins us live now from the weather channel headquarters. we're talking about the heat, and we're also talking about emi emily. let's start off with the heat. incredible, 30 days. i think the record for texas is 42 consecutive days. >> reporter: yeah, it's going to be a continuing streak in texas, unfortunately. we will see changes across a lot of the rest of the country. want to show you how it looks for the next few days. hot in the southern plains through a lot of southeast right into the weekend.
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you notice that it gets cooler in the northeast midwest. in fact, we're looking for a pattern change. look at this. warmest month on record, july 2011 in d.c., philly and baltimore. a nice change on the ridge. big ridge of high pressure that's been so dominant. upper level winds will dive further southward through parts of the northwest. widespread 80s all the way down into tennessee and parts of georgia, so that is going to be a very nice change. as far as what's going on with tropical storm emily, it's still disorganized. there's an area of convection, and the center is right in here. it's headed towards hispaniola. how much land will it see and that could mean very heavy rain for them. it will probably be a weaker circulation that could even kill the system. if it does manage to emerge from hispaniola and come up towards the bahamas, it will have an opportunity to become stronger,
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may become a stronger tropical storm and possibly even a hurricane and certainly could threaten the southeast part of the u.s. so a lot to figure out here, tamron, over the next few days as we continue to watch that system. back to you. >> thank you, carl, very much. >> you bet. >> coming up -- >> the last thing we want to do is put casy in harm's way. >> casey anthony's lawyer warns she will be in danger if she returns to florida on a judge's order. plus, new details about where casey was recently spotted, and the trial of ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak is on hold after his stunning appearance in court today. plus, it may be the largest child support payment ever requested in a new york court. wait until you hear how much supermodel linda evangelista is asking from her son's father. anybody home? ♪
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welcome back. there are several developments in the latest drama involving casey anthony. a short time ago the florida department of corrections extended the deadline for case toe turn herself in to begin a year's worth of probation. on monday a judge ordered her to return to florida by 5:00 p.m. today to serve probation for check fraud. now she will have until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. also today, the judge recused himself from the case and turned it over to judge belvin per who originally presided over casey's murder trial. her attorney jose baez told the "today" show she was trying to overturn this order. >> an officers actually came out and met with her, they continued to monitor her.
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she's completed her probation. there's no doubt about it. >> criminal defense attorney meg strichler joins me now. is this at all unusual? i know there's nothing unusual in this drama but that the judge would order her back for probation and she would get an extension here? >> none of this is normal. none of is the way normal probationers are dealt with in any way, shape or form. this case continues to be a circus, and who jose baez is saying is that the probation case is over. what i'm guessing is happening here is that when you come out of jail for whatever the situation was, you meet with a probation officer. you give them the contact information and you must give a place of address so that they can continue to monitor you, and that's all i think she needs to do and then she can go to whatever county and state she needs to be in and have the probation transferred there. jose baez is saying there's no probation to be had. he's correct with respect to the charges that happened in his
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case. it's the other case, the check fraud case that judge stickland was trying to order her back. none of it is making sense. none of it normal. your normal person would never be treated this way and get all these special things happening to her. sheied be in jail. >> others say listen, her life is in danger in most cases. you don't have a floodgate of death threats coming the direction of the individual, whatever your opinion is of the conviction itself, and we do know that she has received, whether they are credible or not, a substantial number of death threats. >> that's very true, and that's why they are treating her special, but what i'm trying to say is that this delay and having to do it tomorrow at 10:00 or thursday at 10:00, 17-hour delay, making no sense and judge strickland doing be a order and the lawyer calling it stupid. these are things that are not professional. things that are not normal and that part i wish would really not happen, the circus-like part of the criminal justice system is looking really, really bad. >> the circus-like atmosphere
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sheds a negative light on our justice system. you would a judge now who recused himself from the case. do you think this was the right thing to do at this point, to maybe even try to end this circus as you point out that's surrounding this? >> my guess is he recused himself because he did something outside of his domain. i'm not sure why he's recusing himself. my guess is because of all the negative things being said about him and belvin perry is able to handle it better. have at it. you've handled everything else. keep it all in one place. orange county is not that big of a county so there's not that many judges there as opposed to some of the larger cities in the united states. easier to recuse yourself when you're personally biased. >> and the gossip website tmz has a picture on its website of a woman who is casey anthony spotted in ohio. see if she's spotted in florida in a courtroom tomorrow. thank you, meg.
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greatly appreciate it. and a stunning site. former world leader hosni mubarak lying on a hospital bed in a cage. look at this video, on trial. the ousted egyptian president led egypt for decades, and today he made his first public appearance since that spring uprising in his country. he was wheeled into the court in a hospital bed to start his trial on corruption and other charges. the court guarded by 5,000 officers and 50 tanks. neighbors's martin fletcher is in cairo with more. martin, i've go the to ask you the reactions of this video and seeing hosni mubarak in that cage, on that hospital bed. what were people telling you there. >> reporter: one woman told me she lost her son who was killed in the process, and she said that she never believed she would see mubarak in a metal cage, humiliated, and what she said was is i thank god now. i can sleep again, and i think that's a sense that people have here. many people did not believe that this would ever come to pass,
11:18 am
and seeing mubarak lying out in that -- in that -- on the stretcher and locked inside a metal cage, also with his two sons in the metal cage with him. they have also been accused of corruption. the father, of course, accused of giving orders that led to the deaths of 850 people, and he could face a possible death penalty if found guilty. tamr tamron? >> what is the next phase here, and how long is the trial expected to last? >> reporter: mubarak's case after today, the next meeting in his case will be august 15. the other cases will continue to be tried of his two sons, former defense minister and various other officers. mubarak will be back in court now for another couple of weeks and the question is how long will this whole process last. certainly the judges have said they want this to go through as quickly as possible. the country needs a decision as early as possible, but it's still got to go through the
11:19 am
legal process and egyptians are being very careful to observe all the judicial niceties so it could take some time before there's a decision in the case of former president hosni mubarak. >> martin fletcher, live for us in cairo. and coming up next, dylan ratigan will join me live to talk about a new series, "jobs want," in which we'll talk about how the government can get americans back to work. >> why else would you take a [ bleep ] salary and really long hours and do that job? >> snap, what was said to matt damon about teachers? by the way, his mother is a teacher, that led him to lose his cool? we'll play more of that. no secret that millions of college graduates leave with a ton of debt but apparently some women have a dirty little secret about how they are going to pay those bills. this is my band from the 80's, looker.
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we want to take you to the white house. the president is speaking right now about the debt deal as well as our nation's economy from the cabinet room. let's listen in. >> we have now averted what could have been a disastrous blow to the economy, and we have identified on the front end over $1 trillion in spending reductions that can be done sensibly and safely without affecting core programs, and we now have a committee process in congress that is charged to find additional savings. it's going to be challenging work, and i'm encouraging congress to take it with the utmost seriousness. in the meantime, the american people have been continuing to worry about the underlying state of the economy, about jobs, about their wages, about reduced
11:24 am
hours, about fewer customers. the economy is still weakened partly because of some things we couldn't control, like the japanese earthquake and the situation in europe as well as the arab spring and its affect on oil prices. unfortunately, the debt ceiling crisis over the last month i think has had an unnecessary negative impact on the economy here as well. so i'm meeting with my cabinet here to make sure that even as they have been throughout these last several weeks they are redoubling their efforts to focus on what matters most to the american people, and that is how are we going to put people back to work? how are we going to raise their wages, increase their security? how are we going to make sure they recover fully as families and as communities from the worst recession we've had since the great depression? a good example of how undone
11:25 am
work here in washington can have an adverse impact on that economy is what's going on with the federal aviation administration, and i'm going to be hearing from ray lahood about the situation that is looming as a consequence of congress not acting. some of you may be aware of the fact that the faa routinely gets authority extended through congress. it's happened 20 times since 2007. this time congress has decided to play some politics with it, and as a consequence they left town without getting this extension done. here's what this means. thousands of faa workers being furloughed, including safety inspectors. it also means projects all across the country involving
11:26 am
tens of thousands of construction workers being suspended because congress didn't get its work done, and that means folks who are on construction sites, doing work, bringing home a paycheck, now potentially find themselves going home without one, and important projects all across the country are left undone. here's what also happens. it turns out that this extension gives the authority to collect fees from airlines. the airlines are still collecting these fees because it's priced in a their ticket but they are not turning them over to the federal government, and the federal government stands to lose $200 million a week. that would be $1 billion at a time when we're worrying about how we pay for everything from education to head start and we don't anticipate it's going to be easy to get that money back, even though the airlines are collecting it. they are keeping it. so this is a lose, lose, lose
11:27 am
situation that can be easily solved if congress gets back into town and do their job. they don't even have to come back into town. the house and the senate could through a procedural agreement basically do this through unanimous consent, and they could have the fights that they want to have when they get back. don't put the livelihoods of thousands of people at risk. don't put projects at risk and don't let $1 billion at a time when we're scrambling for every dollar we can get left on the table because congress did not act. i'm urging the house and the senate to take care of this. this is an example of a self-inflicted wound that is unnecessary, and by expectation and the american people's expectation is that this gets resolved before the end of this week. all right? thank you very much, everybody. >> mr. president -- >> thank you.
11:28 am
>> that was president obama only moments ago. you heard him say that he's meeting with his cabinet addressing a number of issues. jobs and the ongoing partisan battle that we started the hour with involving the faa and the potential loss of 74,000 jobs. we'll talk more about jobs and the economy with msnbc dylan ratigan who will job me live for a new series we're launching for you called "jobs wanted" about how can the government create new jobs? we'll be right back after a quick break. [ woman ] jogging stroller. you've been stuck in the garage while i took refuge from the pollen that made me sneeze. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. so lily and i are back on the road again. with zyrtec® i can love the air®.
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welcome back. mixed news on the jobs front. an independent payroll firm says the nation added 118,000 jobs in july but layoffs hit a 16-month high. official numbers from the labor department on friday. for now, 14 million americans are out of work. millions more are settling for part-time work or taking jobs that don't even require the degree that they earned for
11:32 am
themselves in college to pay off their debt. with those kinds of numbers, you cannot ignore the need for job creation in our country. the president just spoke about it a short time ago, and yesterday the president said he'll push congress to take new action to create jobs, but a man who may understand how to do that more than just about anyone else dylan ratigan -- more than anyone else understands this. i don't want to say you know more than the president, but listen, people are looking for solutions at this point, and a lot of folks believe he's got it wrong, dylan. >> at end of the day, before we get into, you understand i have no idea more than anybody else other than to assert there is a -- there is a system of problem-solving, a value system that exists in this world that solves these types of problems by setting long-term goals and working to get at them. how this series came to be is that one of the chiefs here at msnbc asked me, dylan, how can america create jobs? should we shrink the government? should we cut spending? should we increase spending? the answer may be all of the
11:33 am
above, maybe none of the above because at this point it's fundamentally the wrong question. to create jobs any country, our country, any country, must have more money coming into the country than it has leaving the country by definition. we, however, in america have the exact opposite. much more money leaves our country every month than comes into it. and until we reverse that dri trillion dollar extraction of wealth it's mathematically impossible to create sustainable jobs. borrow money. it's all short term. there are in fact three major components that the government controls that determine the flow of money into or out of our country. one is trade. two is taxes and three is banking policy. i'll cover each of these three, one today, the others tomorrow and friday, but let's begin with trade. if you look at the maps of the
11:34 am
so-called free trade agreement and nafta from the clinton administration, they put our country, america at a disadvantage and force american executives to do business that rewards the business' bottom lines while in the process hurting everybody else in the country. all the deals are making it easier and more profitable to export jobs and production and send money overseas while keeping the cash offshore rather than having it invested here at home. let's use caterpillar as an example. beautiful firm. the tractors, all that stuff. good company. well, they now make a tremendous percentage of their heavy equipment in china. if they made it here, like they used to and export it had to china, it would face a 25% import tax from the chinese government, but if they make it in china and sell it in china, no tax. by the way chinese imports to america are taxed at a paltry
11:35 am
2.5%, so now caterpillar gets a gigantic discount and increased profit on equipment birth and sold in china which leads them to invest in higher in china. jim owens, the chief executive for caterpillar, is to make money for his company and shareholders. it's why he is paid. if you or i ran caterpillar with these rules we would either export jobs and money to china to make our bottom line, or we would be fired for our failure to do so. now maybe if our government had the courage to level the playing field, the jim owens of the world, would say, let's make it in america, but until then it is bye-bye jobs and bye-bye cash in favor of a highly profitable rigged trade agreement for the profit of a few. we must, must, tamron, reverse that flow. it's not just trade. >> yeah. >> picture -- you make a certain amount of money. you spend a certain amount of
11:36 am
money. if every month i was taking from you twice as much money as you make, how would you be doing? >> i'd be doing poorly. that's also applicable if i'm spending more money than i make as well. >> yeah. >> which brings us back to the whole debate that i don't want to talk about anymore with the debt ceiling. i want to talk about china because people bring it up all the time, china owns us, that we'll be in debt long after you and i are turned to debt. >> how much of our debt do they have, 14 trillion, a little over 1 trillion is in chinese hands. most of it is not there. 13 trillion of it is not in china. a trillion is. still, what could they do with that, really could screw up, and on the other hand what is china's most important thing? full employment on the ground in china so that they do not have civil unrest. that's all china cares about. nord to do that, they need to have a marketplace to sell their exports to. what is the biggest single
11:37 am
market? obviously, you're looking at it, right so basically -- it's something like $300 billion just last year, 282 billion was the amount of money americans spent buying chinese goods last year. they don't have as much leverage people think because they are so dependant on access to our consumer market >> you talk about these rigged trade agreement, trade agreement, south korea, pan marks colombia. why would anyone vote for this? if this hurts us in the end because we're trying to get our products in the hands of these people as opposed being the consumer of their products. we need manufacturing here to get out of the united states. >> quickly, this is where the saddest part of the breach of integrity in all of our politicians manifest itselves right now. politicians appear if they can appear to be doing something that's doing something politically desirable, we'll great jobs, trade agreements create jobs. even after 10 years, 15 years of arithmetic and math that prove that these agreements are sucking trillions of dollars of jobs from our country they want
11:38 am
to appear to be doing something about job and make job agreements so they make them even in the face of arithmetic and math that shows that doing these exact agreement is the problem, not the solution. >> you'll be back with me tomorrow with jobs. what's the top snick. >> tomorrow we do the tax code. >> and i laugh because i think -- >> there's a lot of ways to steal money. it's really simple. at the end of the day special interests use taxes, banking and trade to drive money from our country. this is not rocket science. >> we'll talk about the tax code and how it will hopefully if transformed get people to work. a chilling new video shows just how close philip and nancy gre garrido came to abducting other girls. they shot more than a dozen
11:39 am
girls, even tried to lure some of them into their van. here's some of that tape. >> can you go all the way down? >> yes. >> let me see. i bet you can go down really easy, huh? >> that light is on. >> well, i don't know anything about that camera. >> authorities released the videos as part of their investigation into the criminal justice system and why it failed to protect a victim like dugard from the kidnapping and rape. joining me now is former fbi criminal profiler. the parole officer coming to the garrido's home, being distracted and people are wondering outloud, how is it possible they were visiting this home and not being able to find jaycee in the backyard? they have released this tape, and why now are we supposed to do with this information? >> i think the bottom line is we realize that people can prey on our children, an it's just not the terrible pedophile driving around in a car trying to kidnap
11:40 am
them, though they were fully capable of doing it here. we had a tag team, a woman working with a man. they were so close to photograph the children, just, to you know, kind of put in his treasure chest of pictures, but also, as you suggest, they were able to perhaps get children to come inside of a van to be photographed. tamron, where are the mothers and fathers and care-givers? who was supposed to be watching these little children and moms and dads out there realize how close our kids can be to getting grabbed. we have to be there. this term vigilant we use for airports, we have to use that for our kids because there are predators that are on tag teams just like these two out there. >> also in this video, clint, i'm going to show this clip, but i'll set it up here. it's nancy garrido pretending to be taping her husband. meanwhile, she moves the camera away to capture video of a little girl on the playground, and she said so he could watch it over and over again. here's that clip.
11:41 am
>> and clint, that's the video, and you see her pan over, and the little kids are there in the background. do you think enough has been changed in california hopefully to not have something like this happen again where you have this predator who is able to get back out and commit a terrible crime as they did with jaycee dugard? >> tamron, this is a couple, they scammed their parole officers. they scammed the psychiatrist. everybody they manipulated, but when we see a video like this, not only could they be out stalking and looking for new victims trying to identify where they might find them, follow up and kidnap one other victim, we know they did these terrible things to jaycee dugard, kept her in virtual prison but, you know, the challenge because whether the overworked parole officers, too. why didn't one of them back walk out the back door and find that
11:42 am
power cord and trace it back to the tent where jaycee and her daughters were living. we have to be so careful and watch our kids and tell them the boogieman is not the guy driving around in a white van, it may be him and his girlfriend or wife. >> thank you, clint. it's being called a facebook law and in one state it's illegal for students to contact their teachers on social networking sites. it is today's "newsnation" gut check. plus, from wisteria lane to the big "d" we'll talk to the "desperate housewives" star who has been cast on the new version of the great show "dallas," but first a lot going on here and some things we thought you should know. michele bachmann has released a new ad in iowa ahead of the straw poll and in it she accuses president obama of ruining the economy. >> someone needs to say no. i voted against raising the debt
11:43 am
limit because it's time to balance the budget and pay down the debt. i mean it, and you can believe it. i'm michele bachmann. >> and actor matt damon has some strong words during an interview with a tv reporter at last saturday's save our schools rally in washington. he delivered the keynote address. here's the exchange. >> you think job insecurity is what makes me work hard? >> well, you have an incentive to work harder but -- >> i want to be an actor. it's not an incentive. you take this mba-style thinking, right? that's the problem with policy right now is intrinsically paternalistic view of problems that are much more complex than that. it's like saying a teacher is going to get lays we they have tenure. a teacher wants to teach. i mean, why else would you take a [ bleep ] salary and really long hours and do that job? >> and sarah palin's hometown hair salon in wasilla, alaska is getting a reality show.
11:44 am
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i'm martin bashir. coming up at the top of the hour, 4,000 faa workers, 70,000 construction workers all left at the gate and without work as congress takes off for some fun in the sun. plus, have no fear. michele bachmann is here, and she's got a plan to fix the sagging economy. stay with us. now back to tamron. well, welcome back to "newsnation." a supermodel taking the father of her child to court in what could be a record breaking child support case. plus, one of the hottest tv remakes getting a lot of buzz, and we're talking to one of the stars.
11:48 am
let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett. we start off with linda evangelista who has a baby with salma hayek's current husband. >> that's francois henri pinot and she's asking for a whopping $46,000 per month, not every year, per month. >> at least it's not per day. >> way to look at bright side. i enjoy that. she says she needs this so that she can have around-the-clock nanny care which adds up to about $80,000 per year. security, $175,000 a year. you know, when you are the son of a man worth more than $11 billion, i do on some level understand the security risks that go along with that. you don't want your son to get kidnapped, of course, and new york can be a scary place, but i think what a lot of people are really having a hard time wrapping their brain around, an astronomical some.
11:49 am
>> it would be record breaking. >> record, record breaking settlement. the judge did shoot down a vacation allowance for 7,500 a month so that's not going to happen but there's expected to be a decision in this next month. >> okay. and dallas 2.0, "dallas revis revisited," one of the stars. >> tnt has given the green light to a new dallas series, won't be the same dallas series though you'll see some of the stars you were used, to the original. ten episodes to begin next summer. lucky enough to have one of the stars with us today, brenda strohm coming to us out of burbank. >> happy to be here. >> who are you playing and what can we expect from this more multi-generational "dallas" when it happens? >> my character is the new mrs. bobby ewing, and what you can expect is a lot of what was great about the original series which is the family drama, the
11:50 am
dynamics of love, loyalty, betrayal, battle over money and property, but you're going to get a new twist because it's the next generation, and it's the sons of both bobby and j.r. that are going to be entering into this family dynamic, and so it's -- it's very exciting. it's -- it's a terrific pilot script. cynthia just knocked it out of the park, and i felt like i walked into kind of an epic, and it was bigger than life and really fun to be a part of this family. >> for people who saw the shot there earlier that showed the full cast, you might recognize one of your "desperate housewives" cast mates jesse metcalf who joins you on this. do have to talk about "desperate housewives" there. congratulations, you've been on the show for seven seasons doing the voiceover work and doing some on-camera work as well, but you received your first emmy nomination. were you expecting that call at all? >> oh, no, i wasn't expecting the call at all. i was asleerngs and whp, and wh
11:51 am
manager called me i said what? it was amazing to me. i almost had a heart attack. that would be redundant because i'm already dead, on the show at least, but i thought it's such an honor to be acknowledged after this amount of time especially since we're enering our eighth season because i love what i do, and there was absolutely nokes pectation whatsoever. and i think probably first or second season i would have had a small expectation to be recognized and after that i was like, wow, that will never happen so to have it happen now is just a miracle and really an honor. >> well, you're up against some tough competition. seth green is also in that category. a lot of people who don't do the type of work you do on "desperate housewives" which does cross both sides so we're very happy for you. good luck. do you know what you're going to wear yet? >> i have no idea. in fact, i think i have a fitting after this so hopefully that mystery will be solved fairly soon. >> i'm pretty sure you'll have people volunteering. thanks a lot for volunteering,
11:52 am
brenda. >> thanks so much. >> thank you both. can't wait to see the new "dallas." logon to thank you. and we'll be right back with "gut check." lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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a new law in missouri forbids teachers working in the state from having direct contact with students on social networking sites like facebook. now the bill takes effect the end of this month and it meant to protect children, they say, from sexual abuse, but some teachers say it would make communicating with their students more difficult. teachers with classroom facebook pages say they like the ability to hand out assignments and even answer homework questions online because it's quick and simple enough for everyone to use. school districts have until january of next year to develop guidelines based on the new law, but the aclu says the language may be restrictive and that teachers could not legally open an account on sites used by students. and also what does it imply,
11:56 am
that you can't trust a teacher to talk to a student on facebook? okay. what does that tell you, your gut, anyway? should teachers and student be banned with communicating from each other on social media. go to to cast your vote that. does it for this wednesday edition of "newsnation." i'm tamron hall. thanks for joining us. martin bashir is up next. it's salonpas. this is the relief i've been looking for. salonpas has 2 powerful pain fighting ingredients that work for up to 12 hours. and my pharmacist told me it's the only otc pain patch approved for sale using the same rigorous clinical testing that's required for prescription pain medications. proven. powerful. safe. salonpas. in one place. ♪ the race of your life you never ran. the trip around the world you never took.
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good afternoon. it's wednesday, august the 3rd, and here's what's happening. jobs, jobs, jobs. congress flees washington with 4,000 faa workers left at the gate, 70,000 construction workers on standby and $1 billion in federal revenue up in the air. plus, a debt deal more like a distraction as wall street buckles. so michele bachmann to the rescue? >> barack obama has driven our economy into a ditch, ditch, ditch. >> or maybe miss palin. >> this is typical of our president where it's blah, blah, blah.


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